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Can someone install my signs?2022-01-17T16:49:58+00:00

Yes, we can help with installing too.

Can my sign be printed on both sides?2021-09-28T12:22:31+00:00

-Yes, of course

Is there anything else I should consider when ordering a sign?2021-09-28T12:22:18+00:00

-Print resolution matters to the printer and this factors into the typical ‘viewing distance’ of the sign.  If it will most commonly be viewed from 5-10ft vs 10-20ft vs 30-40ft, let us know so this can be accomidated

What other options would be available for my sign?2021-09-28T12:21:51+00:00

-Standard Lamination

-Dry Erase lamination

-Textured Vinyl

-Reflective signs

What options do I have to hang my signs?2021-09-28T12:21:37+00:00


-Double sided tabe

-Holes w/ grommets

-Magnetic strips

-Lawn stakes (for coroplast)

Is there a standard size for a sign?2021-09-28T12:21:19+00:00

-We can customize signs to any size, however, these are the industry standard sizes:

6 x 9

9 x 12

12 x 18

18 x 24

24 x 36

36 x 48

What material should my sign be on?2021-09-28T12:20:55+00:00

-Knowing the end purpose is important, and we are always available to make recommendations.  The most common materials as follows, in order of strength:

Foamcare – temporary and lightweight – Inside use

Coroplast – temporary and lightweight – lawn sign material

Ultraboard/Gatorboard – Rigid sign with light impact resistance.  Upgrade from previous materials that is still used inside and away from elements

PVC/Sinra board – Lightweight plastic, more durable than Ultra board and foamcore.  Used for both indoor and outside use

Poly Metal – Aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core.  Lighter than straigh aluminum, and easier to cut and router.  Weather resistant, and best used for long term outside projects

Street signs – Aluminum all the way thru.  Comes with holes to hang to poles outside.  Strongest sign available.

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