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Safety signs

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require certain signage in every business for the safety and well being of everyone who uses that space. TigerPress will help ensure your business is compliant with all your OSHA and ADA signage.

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Sign informing people of the danger in the construction area

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OSHA Signage

Encourage safe practices, and warn employees and visitors of any workplace hazards with OSHA signage. OSHA signage must meet government regulations, and fulfill work safety requirements at the same time. From signs to tell your employees to take precautious to preventing job-related injuries we have the sign for you.

Taking your customers’ needs into consideration and make sure all signage is compliant to CDC guidelines.

  • Sneeze guards and barriers
  • Safety and social distancing signage
  • Fire exits
  • No smoking
  • High voltage
  • Low overhead
  • Wet surfaces
  • Exit and Evacuation Signs: emergency exits and evacuation pathways must be clearly marked.
  • Fire Signage: Equipment like extinguishers, fire alarms and fire hose cabinets need to be identified by a sign.

  • Electrical and Flash Hazard Signs: OSHA requires high voltage regions and battery charging places need signs indicating the danger. To be safe working and living around electrical equipment.

  • First Aid Signage: In a place of work there needs to be signage where first aid supplies and equipment are located to be readily available signs indicating where the first aid station, eye wash, safety showers, and AED are.

  • Flammable/ Combustible Signage: Containers with combustible or flammable liquids vapors, or materials need to be visibly marked. Including danger, no smoking, no open flames, and flammable signs.

  • Personal Protection Signs: Employees and visitors must wear appropriate PPE in the danger zones. This includes eye, hearing, foot and head protection.

  • Hazardous Area Signs: Any hazardous spaces need signage posted. Signage that indicates potential hazardous, unsafe practices or the correct procedures in hazardous situations.

  • Confined Space Signs: Spaces need to be marked, that authorized permits are required to enter.

  • Machine and Equipment Signs: You need to have signage to alert employees of danger in machine operating sections that could result in injury or broken equipment.

ADA Accessibility Signage

By posting accessibility signage that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements you create a welcoming environment for everyone including people with disabilities.

When people see these signs, they know your business is accommodating and welcoming for people with disabilities and the people that help them.

We have the signage that will make your business safe and compliant with federal and state regulations.